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Read Cascadia on NPX here.


Ten-minute. Cast size completely flexible, 4 minimum recommended.

One-act version in development.

An anthology drama featuring three different stories in three parts.

A mountain goat defends his mountain, and staves off a visitor.

A reindeer crosses over all of Cascadia, from the "other" tip of Alaska to Yellowstone National Park.

Two planets in orbit and in love find themselves further and further away.

Magical, surreal, and with lots of room for theatricality, Cascadia ponders distance, ownership, stewardship, and decay.

"An act of kindness doubles as an act of concession. And the two begin a new project of the negotiation of space."

Development History

Sep 2019: Written in class at Boston University School of Theatre (Boston, MA)

Apr 2020: Production at Reground Theatre Festival (Boston, MA)*

*Cancelled, unfortunately, because of you-know-why

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