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Read House Party Play on NPX here.


One-act. 4-13 performers, gender flexible.

Thirteen teenagers navigate a suburban high school house party somewhere in the continental United States. Katy (for some reason) won't go inside, Scooter looks for something more from those around him, and earnest Maggie struggles with the onus of hosting. Everyone has a goal coming into a house party. No one is going to simply have a good time. Wild, plunking, and speedy, this play pushes its performers to their limits to depict a panorama of the unsteady teenage order of needs.

A house party is raucous and unkempt. A house party is a group of teenagers pushed to their social and physical limits.

It’s ugly. And it’s fun.

The thirteen characters can be played by any number of performers. It was originally performed by a group of four performers, freely playing with gender.

Development History

-Workshop: National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, July 2019, directed by Allison (Yeming) Qu (Waterford, CT)

Copy of TM19_Performance3_Brecht-17.jpg

Photos courtesy of Isaak Berliner and the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.

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