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Read October on NPX here.


Two acts. 8-11 performers. 4w, 3m, 1 flexible.

It’s not even October yet. A new kid in town looks just like that tool that just passed away - and that’s only one in an unsettling line of coincidences. A small world filled with runaway dogs, rare birds, and lukewarm beers intricately turns. As the annual Harvest Moon Festival looms in a beautiful Vermont suburb, every high school senior is looking for a date. But it’s not really that kind of thing, right?

Development History

Fall 2018: Written in class at Boston University (Boston, MA)

Dec 2018: Reading at Boston University, facilitated by Kirsten Greenidge (Boston, MA)

Mar 2019: Private reading (London, UK)

Oct 2019: Educational production directed by Mallika Chandaria facilitated by Kirsten Greenidge  and Clay Hopper at Boston University (Boston, MA)

This play features:

-Young people

-Quippy dialogue

-Centralized female characters

-An ensemble style casting breakdown

-Animal appearances (puppets, or otherwise represented)

-Bouncy and quick scenes

-Optional intermission

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