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Read Spacedog, I'm Sorry on NPX here.


One act. 5 performers with doubling.

In 1957, Soviet space dog Laika orbited the Earth, being the first living being to do so. And also the first dying one. There is some debate about which animal was the "first" in space, but if you ask her, she'd tell you she was the first.

In present day, Meg, reeling from a recent breakup, misses Mother's Day brunch. Possibly on purpose. And she's found herself the new owner of a dog. With the comforts she has previously known suddenly missing, she tries to find ways to improve herself and fix those around her. Or whatever that means to her.

How can two lives, so very far away, save each other?

Development History

Feb 2020: Reading at Boston University (Boston, MA)

May 2020: Workshop at New Works Festival with Boston U. (Boston, MA)

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